“In the block of marble I see an angel as plain as though it stood before me, shaped and perfect in attitude and action. I have only to hew away the rough walls that imprison the lovely angel to reveal it to the other eyes as mine see it and set it free…”


Shin An is widely regarded as a master cutter. Hailed by Vogue early in her career as one to watch, we’ve seen her shape and reframe some of the industry’s foremost talent. Yet, for Shin, cutting hair was more a calling than a career choice.

Her approach, perfectly coined by the Italian Renaissance painter, is more visual artist than stylist, visualizing shapes and textures and sculpting precise “fits” for each face, head shape and body. Early on, Shin’s visions were so consuming in fact, that she became perfectly adept in her persuasive abilities to have a client relent to her to create what she intuitively knew was the best style for them.

For this Korean Wisconsin native, the borderline obsession with the art of shapes helped fuel a career trajectory that would catapult Shin to the top of her field. She quickly became known for her transformative work while styling in some of New York’s premiere salons, like Mark Garrison. Editors, models, actors, musicians, businessmen and women sought out Shin for her ability to cast a soft critical eye on them and deliver image-altering results with her signature dry cutting.

Shin views hair as the most important accessory one can wear, male or female. “Hair is at the very core of an individual’s self expression. The style you present to the world says volumes about how you perceive yourself or how you want to be perceived. And it can have a huge impact on your psyche,” extols An. The level of client trust that An has been able to earn is impressive. While those fortunate enough to find themselves in her chair often have a clear idea of their preferred hairstyle, they also know that letting go to her intuitive assessment will yield stellar results.

Hair health expert Philip B. paid homage to Shin when he collaborated with her on two products in his line, Shin Shine and Shinade Pomade.

Her clientele is internationally based, but An has been styling and coloring hair primarily in New York for 14 years. In November 2011, she opened her eponymous salon SHIN, on Montana avenue in Santa Monica. Shin lives seaside in Santa Monica with her husband Ivan and two daughters, Luci and Noa.

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My Story

About Shin

Shin An is widely recognized for her transformative work with cut and color. She intimately understands the potential and possibility that exists within the scope of hair styling and works with clients to deliver their dream hair.

Whether it’s a subtle change or complete makeover, the result is ecstatic clients who love and can manage their own hair. An’s approach is more of visual artist than stylist, envisioning shapes and textures, then sculpting precise “fits” for each face, head shape and body. It is this innate ability to identify optimal cut and color for each individual client and empower them to take risks that delivers what they never thought possible.

For this Korean-born, Wisconsin-raided native, the borderline obsession with the art of shapes helped fuel a career trajectory that would catapult Shin to the top of her field. She quickly became known for her transformative work while styling at some of New York’s premiere salons. Editors, models, actors, musicians, businessmen and women sought out Shin for her ability to cast a soft critical eye and deliver image-altering results with her signature dry cutting and color enhancement.

Shin views hair as the most important accessory one can wear. “Hair is at the very core of an individual’s self expression. The style you present to the world says volumes about how you perceive yourself or how you want to be perceived. And it can have a huge impact on your psyche,” extols An.

With over 20 years of experience, Shin has maintained a loyal clientele that spans across the US and is internationally based. In November 2011, she made the move west to open her eponymous salon, SHIN, on Los Angeles’ Westside in Santa Monica.
Shin currently lives in Santa Monica with her two daughters, Luci and Noa.

I just knew I had to be here. I had a vision of my own place, near the ocean . . . and finally, here it is.


About The Salon

Located on popular Montana Avenue, the 1,160 square foot cottage-style retreat is an indoor - outdoor beauty haven. This chic bungalow has an al fresco patio space which also houses a section for massages and facials. With the help of designer Suhail, SHIN incorporated the critical elements of a luxury salon experience into an art installation that represents her personality and philosophy.

There is an obvious connection to nature and culture through the peaceful simplicity of clean, modern lines and hand carved dark blonde wooden panels or “cultural tattoos,” which add to the abstract Asian-influenced decor.

The interior walls are adorned with bright mosaics, intricate wood carvings and a red and black gradient-stained koi design, symbolizing perseverance and strength. A focal point of the


About Suhail Design Studio

Focuses on the design, development and manufacture of innovative interior environments and products. With an understanding of architecture, interiors, construction, fabrication, graphics, multimedia and merchandising, we strive to apply these mediums to our projects creating a completely unique and cohesive end product for the client.

The diversity of projects include designs for hospitality, retail, exhibit, sculpture, art installations, furniture and residential, pushing the use of new technology, materials and design processes with an alternative and unique point of view. Suhail Design Studio is committed to design integrity, originality and quality.

Suhail Design Studio specializes in developing a concept from inception to finished product and services include everything from web­design, brand development, personalized artwork, custom furniture and fabrications and installations, so that the concept has complete cohesion and consistency within a given theme. His clients can expect him to thoroughly communicate and drive the concept while delivering the project under­budget and on schedule.

Suhail carefully constructed his design approach for Shin by taking a page from significant moments and observations throughout their longstanding friendship. The environment needed to exude intimacy and modernity at once, embodying a sense of warmth, freshness and reflecting, in part, Shin’s Korean heritage.

Suhail’s design philosophy is abstract, deconstructionist, modernist and minimal. His strength lies in his ability to develop and translate the client’s vision as well as to elevate it into strong design themes, concepts and tangibles. After discussing the client’s vision at length, Suhail delves into extensive research before developing his concepts and incorporates elements of the client’s vision into his final design.

Ultimately, his clients receive a unique concept that incorporates pragmatic elements of design resulting in an art installation that doubles as a functional environment.



Service Menu


hair services

haircut 125+

haircut w/ shin 300

style/finish 75+

updo (*does not include blow out) 150+


haircut 85+

color / single 65+

highlights / lowlights 75+

straightening / relaxer 125+


single 95+

double 200+

varnish / gloss 65+

color fresh 125+

1/4 head highlights / lowlights w/single 175/225+

1/2 head highlights / lowlights w/single 225/275+

full head highlights / lowlights w/single 225/325+


permanent wave 400+

straighteners /relaxers 400+

keratin conditioning treatment 400+

Hair Extensions

Price per consultation

Brand {Hair Dreams}


eyebrow tweezing 35

eyebrow tinting 25

hair treatments

silk deep conditioning treatment 25

This treatment lavishes each strand in perfecting quinoa proteins and luxe moisterizers to produce a miracle in minutes. Color Life Technology enhances and extends optimal color brilliance [safe for after color treatment].

persian katira revitalizing treatment 35

This universal hair revitalizing treatment makes the most of any hair texture. A unique masque that plumps up fine, limp strands or calms and smooths coarse, hard-tomanage hair. You get all the vibrant shine and silkiness without a trace of added weight or residue [safe for after color treatment]

scalp and hair facials

four step philip b. rejuvenating oil treatment 125

Purifying Scalp Treatment : This unique treatment does it all: eliminates frizz, thickens limp, fine hair and heals troubled scalps -- targeting dandruff and psoriasis. The process includes scientific brushing, scalp massage, rejuvenating oil with deep heat penetration, specialized “double” shampoo process and deep conditioning of the internal and external hair shaft.

youth boost scalp facial 110

Our Youth Boost Scalp Facial is specifically designed to combat the issues hair faces as time marches on and gets tired from everyday wear and tear. Years of exposure to hot blow dryers, flat and curling irons take their toll after years of exposure, not to mention hormonal changes as we age. This can result in loss of luster and coarser, thinner hair. This unique scalp and hair treatment restores hair's youthful vitality, leaving hair strengthened, smooth, shiny and revitalized.

Nano Hydration from the technology-based line, Liqwd, sends super- active ingredients to the hair's critical cortex layer for a total transformation. This deep conditioning treatment is composed with thousands of tiny nano- hydrospheres and contains color-life technology, along with Quinoa proteins that lavish each stand creating a miracle in minutes.

special events

trials $250+

day of event 350+

Off-site styling available upon request

At the Beauty Bungalow

Our highly trained and experienced aestheticians can transform your skin. We recognize that your skin is unique and have designed each of our facial treatments just for you. All treatments begin with a detailed assessment of your skin to identify the goals that are most important to you, and then a tailor-made program is created to deliver those results.

Shin Beauty Bungalow has collaborated with the Ko'an center for Integrated Aesthetic Medicine to fully address all your cosmetic skincare needs under the auspices of one of Los Angeles premiere medical facilities headed by Plastic Surgeons Dr Kao and Dr Hayden.

The Sublime Treatment

Intensive, head-to-toe, anti-aging therapy designed to restore, correct and promote balance to the structure of the skin at a molecular level. Each treatment is fully customized using various modes of clinical technology and professional grade products that stimulate cellular regeneration of skin cells and absorption of nutrients. Enhanced tone, texture, clarity and circulation are some of the key benefits. We have designed special treatment packages to achieve this optimum state for your skin with longer lasting results. This comprehensive treatment addresses all your needs implementing the use of, but not limited to:

  • Deep Pore Ultrasonic Cleansing
  • Diamond Microdermabrasion
  • Professional Grade AHA, BHA and Enzymatic Peels
  • Vitamin and Mineral Serum Infusions
  • Customized Treatment Masks
  • Oxygen Therapy
  • Rejuvenating Eye Treatment
  • LED Light Therapy

Each Sublime Treatment includes a 15-minute maintenance Mini Treatment as a follow up appointment. This allows your aesthetician to track your skins progress and may include light cleansing, exfoliation and hydration. First 90-Minute Treatment/Consultation $375 Package of 4, $1400.00 ($350 each) Includes 4, 90-Minute Treatments and 4 Mini Treatments An all-inclusive 8 Week Program Package of 6, $1950.00 ($325 each) Includes 6, 90-Minute Treatments and 6 Mini Treatments An all-inclusive 12 Week Program

60-Minute Super Solution

This focused facial treatment was designed to target your skins specific needs, restoring your complexion’s equilibrium to an optimally healthy state. Whether your concern is acne, hyperpigmentation, dryness or loss of tone and poor texture, our goal is to implement the use of the latest in skincare technologies and treatment products to purify and nourish for immediate impact on any condition. This treatment delivers noticeable results and comes with a tailored maintenance program to truly achieve healthy, radiant skin. The 60 Minute Super Solution includes the use of:

  • Deep Pore Ultrasonic Cleansing
  • Diamond Microdermabrasion
  • AHA, BHA and Enzymatic Peels
  • Vitamin and Mineral Serum Infusion
  • Customized Treatment Masks
  • Oxygen Therapy

First Treatment/Consultation $250 Package of 4 $900 ($225 each) 4-Week Program Package of 6, $1200 (200 each) 6-Week Program

The KO’AN Center

offers a wide range of advanced medical technologies and tools to help you achieve success in minimizing and reversing the signs of aging. Our collaboration allows clients of the Beauty Bungalow to integrate complimentary and innovative technologies and procedures into the skincare regimen we design for you. The KO’AN Center utilizes the following equipment and treatments:

  • Silk Peel Dermalinfusion
  • Hyfercator
  • Professional and Medical Grade Products and Chemical Peels
  • Dermaplaning
  • Micro Collagen Induction Therapy

All treatments integrate a tightly edited assortment of the most efficacious performance driven skin care products. For further information regarding advanced laser treatments, body contouring and other non-invasive solutions at the KO’AN Center; please call 310-315-3022.


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